About the Feudtner Lab

This interdisciplinary research group has the following mission and goals.

Our Mission

We are devoted to advancing the wellbeing of children, adolescents, and young adults with complex chronic conditions and serious, often rare, illnesses, and to promote the wellbeing of their families. Our research strives to improve our understanding of these conditions, the impact that they have on the lives of these individuals and their families and how to improve clinical care and health policy to improve patient and family outcomes.

To pursue our mission, we have the following major goals:


Conduct studies with the highest level of research rigor to advance knowledge and guide care.

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Engage in and promote interdisciplinary collaboration to innovate and advance new areas of research and understanding.

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Provide the community of researchers engaged in similar work with resources to facilitate studies.

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Advance multi-institutional studies to enable better studies of rare deseases and how to best care for patients and families.

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